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The Club usually meets on the first Sunday of every month at Table Rock Mobile Village, 1:00 pm.
2385 Table Rock Rd.
Medford, OR

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Because birds of a feather

The purpose of the Northwest Bird Club is to join together people who share a common interest in keeping and breeding exotic birds in captivity. To educate our members and the general public in the best care, keeping, maintenance and breeding of their birds.
To support bird conservation.
Together we can make a difference.

Join the Northwest Bird Club!

  • Share experiences of your bird species with people you get to know and trust nearby!
  • Free ads in the newsletter and on the club website.
  • Get help in times of crisis, loss of birds, and quick answers for bird care!
  • Lending book and video library - The latest and up to date books and videos on birds.
  • Educational Programs - Including veterinary speakers, bird behaviorists, and nutritionists.
  • Have access to breeders you know well, raising the birds you might want or need!
  • Learn about birds you didn’t even know existed!
  • Make new friends at our monthly meetings, annual picnics and special events!
  • Monthly newsletters (current and archived) encompassing a wide variety of timely events, and articles written by notable specialists in the bird field, as well as our own club members (many of whom are avian professionals).
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Contact Info: Christa Rodriguez 541-301-2142 & Nancy Ingram 541-535-1416

~ Request for Speakers ~
We are planning to have programs on a variety of subjects this coming year. If you feel you can share information with us we'd love to sign you up to speak at a future meeting. Feel free to suggest other topics too.
(You are welcome to team up with a friend if that will give you more courage!)
Contact: Lonelle Stephens at 541-840-0536
Or Email her!