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Joanie Doss ~

Joanie DossJoanie Doss has been known for her knowledge of Amazon parrots for many years. Her articles have appeared in leading bird publications as well as on the internet. Joanie is the author of five very popular books,
"Can You Speak Parrot?" and Can You Speak Parrot Two?

Her group of performing parrots, The Amazing Amazons (two Blue Fronts and three Yellow Napes) delighted people for over 20 years. The Amazing Amazons are a "flock" of performing Amazon parrots that used to live in Anchorage, Alaska with their well trained servant, Joanie Doss. In 1998, they relocated to Oregon.

Books by Joanie Doss

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Downloadable Articles by Joanie Doss

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A collection of Joanie Doss's replies to questions and posts about Amazon parrots:

Visit Joanie's Amazing Amazons Photo Gallery:

Alaskan Wildflowers Poster - Painted by Pepper & Joanie Doss

* The painting was done by my Blue Fronted Amazon, Pepper. I did a wash for the sky and green grass and the rest was done by Pepper and me. Several methods were used as well as several brush sizes. Sometimes he walked over the painting and would apply the brush where I showed him. I had him roll the brush to achieve some of the flowers. Sometimes he would hold the brush and I would bring the paper to the brush. I wanted him to do both trees the same but he had different ideas. I wanted it to be dabbed to make it look like a fir tree but he wanted to stroke back and forth. You can see our disagreement in the second tree with the trunk. Although it was fun when we first started, tension began to build as the painting progressed. I was so afraid he would ruin it. Finally Pepper had enough, broke his paint brush and walked away. After much bribing I was able to coax him into finishing it. I doubt I will ever do this again and I think Pepper feels the same.

Size = 12" X 14" - on poster board - Price = $10 US

* This item is only available in the USA *
Click here to order

Email: amazing-amazons@charter.net
Website: http://www.parrothouse.com/jdoss.htm