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Classified Ads

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For Sale:
Strawberry Finches.
Domestically raised.
Call Nancy Ingram at 541-535-1416 for more information
Strawberry Finches



Sleek and Sassy bird food offered ONLY to NWBC members at wholesale prices. 
Contact Elanah (541)535-4700. (NO HANDLING FEE)

Oak Grove Aviary and Farm
Distributors of Wildwood Seed Sleek and Sassy
Premium and Standard Millet, Bird Toys
Wholesale pricing for members! (small Handling Fee added)
Contact Linda @ (541)772-2959


DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING ADS is the 16th of each month.
(Let me know if items in your ad sold so I can take them out of the classified)
REMINDER: If you are a member in good standing your ad will be run in the newsletter for 3 months.
The * at the end of your ad indicates how many months your ad has been listed in the newsletter.
Contact Newsletter Editor: Sabra Scotton


The Northwest Bird Club makes no warrantee as to the health, condition, or availability of any birds
advertised in the newsletter or on the website.