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I was asked by a family member if I knew anyone who might Love and have time, time time for a sad neglected female Blue and Gold Macaw. She is about 7 years old. She is now 50% bald and so depressed she won’t come visit with anyone but sits up in a black crate shivering in the cold. She was WONDERFUL – talked, rode on the bars of the bike and went to town and shopping – but her daddy found a girlfriend and subsequent divorce and has lost interest in her over the last two years and she slips further into decay. If someone has recently lost their companion and would want to join spirits with this beautiful girl it could be heart mending for both.

Interested persons can contact me at: (360)870-4623 and please leave a message. (I screen all ‘unknown’ calls – darn sales calls ! ). Thank you, Donna Reyes *

Oak Grove Aviary and Farm -
Beautiful multi color Budgies $20.00
Beautiful Cockatiels $130.00
Yellow Head Amazon(pair)
Yellow Head Amazon male (sings/talks)
White Peafowl $250.00 pr.
Orders for Peafowl eggs (fertile) white/blue/hyrbrid $5.00 per egg
Free Range Chicken eggs $4.00 doz. (medium) $5.00 doz. (large) Fresh day of order!
Broody Hens small $10/med $15/large $20
Cute Chickens: Silkies/Frizzles
Contact Linda @ (541)772-2959 **

Oak Grove Aviary and Farm
Distributors of Wildwood Seed Sleek and Sassy
Premium and Standard Millet, Bird Toys
Wholesale pricing for members! (small Handling Fee added)
Contact Linda @ (541)772-2959


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