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Bird Mart Central


* The Northwest Bird Club's 36th ANNUAL BIRD MART
Sept 18th, 2016! Was a Great Success!
Thanks to all who contributed!

Display and Sale of birds, toys, cages, seed/feed, treats and other bird related items.
Parrots, chickens, finches, pigeons, parakeets, doves, canaries, quail,
plus bird supplies, raffles & much more!


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 Download and Print for Vendors: Remember: If you plan on being a vendor at our September Bird Mart get your registration in!

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Item Donation Form with Receipt


Bird Mart Contact Information:

Betty Devries
Email: wbdv369@charter.net
Phone: 541-951-5749

VENDOR CHAIRMEN: (Contact Sharon if you are a vendor and have any questions)

Sharon Holscher