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Nancy Ingram ~

An Aviary Report by Nancy Ingram:

Nancy's AviaryI breed Little Green Singers (serinus mozambicus) in the Fall on my sun porch. They respond better in this more "natural" setting than in a cage. My sun porch is heavily planted with "trees", food plants, and medicinal plants. I try to maintain a temperature between 60° and 90°F. I've divided the 21' x 15' space into 2 flights. Each side has a large compost which supports a variety of insects. The Little Green Singers are the dominant species in my small collection of finches. They have access to a bird bath which is refreshed daily. Sprouting millet is available and is rinsed 4 times a day on a timer. I put a variety of open and closed nest baskets in different locations. I've read that it is possible to breed this species in cages like canaries but I have not been successful with this.

I am trying to establish 5 reliable breeding pairs. Friends have helped me locate several lone birds which I have added to my breeding program so I can produce unrelated pairs. There is more to mate selection than you might imagine. Individual birds have definite preferences. The occasional aggressive Little Green Singer may have a purpose in the wild, but is very difficult to deal with in captivity.

Little Green Singers
Their importation from Africa has been curtailed by international endangered species listing (CITES) and they are no longer common in the pet trade in the United States. It is important to share breeding information about this species to insure its inclusion in our aviaries.


E-mail Nancy: Nancy@northwestbirdclub.org