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Most heat lamps are dangerous for birds!
The big red heat lamps a lot of us use for our birds are coated with Polytetraflouethylene, which is known by the brand name Teflon®. This coating cannot safely be used around birds. I found a brand, Sylvania, that according to their email to me does NOT contain Teflon®. "These bulbs do not contain a teflon coating. The red is simply a red lens." This is a direct quote from an email I received from Sylvania.com. I found the bulbs at Lowes and they cost around $10 each.

You can read more about the dangers of Polytetraflouethylene here.


Local & Regional Vets (Bird Doctors)

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Jackson & Josephine County, OR
Clinic/Doctor Phone Contact
Alder Creek Veterinary Hospital (541)776-3362 Dr. Beth Gurney
Southern Oregon Vet. - Emergencies Only! (541)282-7711
Best Friends Animal Hospital (541)282-9811 Dr. Sierra & Dr. Codd
Roxy Ann Vet. Hospital (541)664-1521 Dr. Kevin Starnes
All Creatures Great & Small, Eagle Point (541)830-5613 Dr.Tom
Animal Clinic, Rogue River (541)582-1440 Dr. Mike
Rogue River Animal Clinic, Rogue River (541)582-1111 Dr. Dickey, Avian Specialist
Pacific Vet Clinic, Grants Pass (541)479-2221 Lea Marie Schroeder, DVM
Allen Creek Vet., Grants Pass (541)476-2233 Dr. Heidi
Portland, Lake Oswego, Clackamas, OR
Avian Medical Center, Lake Oswego (503)635-5672 Dr. Marli Lintner
Pet Samaritan, Portland (503)233-5001 There are (3) vets for birds
Banfield Pet Hospital, Clackamas (503)788-2154 Dr. Horner, Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays
Beaverton, OR (503)645-4458 David Barno, DVM
North Portland Veterinary Hospital (503)2850462 Ross Weinstein , BVSc
Coos Bay, OR
Morgan Vet Clinic (541)269-5846 Dr. Karl Jemstadt -- Also Josh
Hanson Animal Hospital (541)269-2415  
Brookings, OR
Town & Country Animal Clinic (541)469-4661 Dr. John Jacobson
Lincoln City, OR
Oceanlake Veterinary Clinic (541)994-2929 Jen Malter, DVM
Bend, OR
Bush Animal Clinic (541)382-7671 Marie Vandaveer, DVM
La Paw Animal Clinic (541)389-3902 Dr. La Paw
Crescent City, CA
All Creatures Animal Clinic (707)464-7448 Dr. Wood
Eugene, Springfield OR
Santa Clara Animal Hospital (541)688-0434 Dr. Sean Barret
McKenzie Animal Clinic/Avian Health Center (541)747-3859 Matthew E. Fricke, DVM
City Center Cat & Bird Clinic (541) 343-8531 Rebecca M LaMarche, DVM
Roseburg, OR
Bailey Vet. Clinic (541)673-4403 Dr. Hope Flint
Salem, Or
Oak Hills Vet. (503)581-8161 Dr. Hillmer
The Pet Cllinic (503)370-9988 Dr. Hazen
Third Street Vet Clinic (503)472-9418 Dr.Wood
Oregon Exotics Clinic (503)363-8171 Alison Archambault, DVM
Amazing Veterinary Diagnostics (503)363-3550 Dr. Madeline Rae
Corvallis, Or
West Hills Animal Hospital (541)758-4509 Dr. Vickstrom

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