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Popular Videos

There are literally thousands of bird videos on Youtube, visit YouTube and do a search for whatever kind of bird you are interested in, or if you're looking for a laugh, search for "funny bird movies" and see what you get! Another great site for bird videos is AvianVideos!
Club Members, if you have video you have made or would like to see added to the site, contact Juli for help in doing so.

TIP: Click on video twice to go directly to YouTube for advanced video settings!

"The Worlds First Ever ALL Red African Grey

was bred by breeder Hennie Diedericks from South Africa."


"Bill and Coo - Tour of Chirpendale"
Witness Dean Rieser's masterpiece BILL AND COO (1948)!
An all-bird cast (trained by George Burton) acts out a story involving Taxi Driver
Bill Singer wooing his beloved Coo whilst fighting off a parakeet-devouring crow!


"The Owl Dance"
Created by Juli Vaughn


"How a Parrot Learns its Name in the Wild"